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Special Session on Advanced Technologies for Care at Home
Organiser: Mario Kolberg, University of Stirling, Stirling, UK


Due to a rapidly increasing ageing population, current care provision will become strained. A less costly and more practical solution will be to enable those requiring care to stay at home for longer. Those with long-term illness, physical or mental impairments may also prefer to remain in the care of friends and family.

Assistive technology helps older people or those with impairments cope with normal life. Specialised technology is also being used to monitor situations such as someone becoming immobile or incapable. The aim is that, through use of sophisticated networking and management software, abnormal situations can be detected, acted upon and/or reported to a carer or a responder.

This special session tries to bring together academics and commercial technology providers to explore current research issues with technologies for care at home.

Topics of particular interest (but not limited to) include:

-  Integrated Home Care systems
-  Network Technologies for assistive technologies
-  User interfaces for care systems
-  Context aware health applications
-  Novel sensors, actuators, and augmented appliances for use in assistive systems
-  Mobile health applications
-  Experimental results and case studies on the use of technology for care at home

Submission Instructions
Authors are invited to submit regular technical papers or position papers. The position papers should present novel technologies at an early stage of development or share future vision. All the submissions should describe original, previously unpublished research, not currently under review by another conference or journal. Manuscripts should not exceed 5 pages in double-column IEEE format. Please submit the paper through EDAS.

More information on this Special Session can be found at

Session Organizer:  Mario Kolberg, University of Stirling, UK, email: