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Saturday, January 9, 2010 • 17:00 – 18:30
Room: Goldfield

Delivering Any Video to Any Device: Getting the Network Ready

Given today's competitive environment, where over the top content, time-shifted TV, and Web 2.0 services are playing a major role in the viewer experience, service providers recognize the importance of building a network that can deliver innovative new applications and services much faster than ever before. They are searching for cost effective ways to deliver hundreds of channels of multi-formatted video, be it traditional, VOD, HD, or even 3D contents, to all platforms - whether TV, PC, or mobile devices - with the highest quality end-user experience. This session will review the roadmap to attaining a converged video delivery architecture necessary to handle the growing video services and libraries, as well as outline the approaches to monetizing content effectively with addressable and targeted advertising and cementing the consumer relationship. It will map out the steps in preparing the network to deliver video services to any device and look at the market dynamics and challenges in migrating to a network capable of delivering any video service to any device.

Yaron Raz, Director, Video Solutions Marketing, BigBand Networks

Ken Durand, Senior Director, Software Product Management TANDBERG Television | Part of the Ericsson Group
Biren Sood, Entrepreneur-In-Residence, Lightspeed Venture Partners
Rod Walsh, Principal Researcher, Nokia Research Center, Finland

Saturday, January 9, 2010 • 17:00 – 18:30
Room: Tonopah

Social TV and Video Convergence: what will work and what won't

There does not seem to be a week without major changes in the TV industry. From the latest uses of YouTube, to TV-Anywhere, to context-based and mobile video applications; we are living through the transformation of TV from a device in the living room to a cloud service available on any screen anytime. The "new TV" is profiting from the convergence of personal entertainment and the dynamics of the on-the-go lifestyle. Social TV is emerging as the next wave in these disruptions. TV was always social but the expanding TV ecosystem is increasing the number of tools viewers can use to interact with each other. What are the approaches that will take Social TV beyond realtime video + chat? How will Social TV emerge from connecting devices, content and people? What is the role of Social TV in a seamless world of mobile interactivity? The panel will address these issues from different points of view: content, devices, business and legal.

Marie-Josछ Montpetit, MIT RLE

Henry Holtzman, MIT Media Lab Chief Knowledge Officer
Reed Martin, MIT Media Lab
Sarah Szalavitz, Co-Founder of 7Robot
Sujeet Mate, Nokia Research Center
Amanda Peyton, MIT Sloan School of Management
Herkko Heitanen, Harvard Berkman Fellow

Monday, January 11, 2010 • 17:00 – 18:30
Room: Silver

Ecological Home Network

Recent development of home network consists of home server, various sensors and a lot of home appliances and equipments. Most of the houses need to be equiped with this kind of home network, and we may face to energy saving problems. Home network itself needs to be designed as energy saving system, and we also control home appliances to be energy saved operation. We are faced to serious environmental issues for our globe, and it is necessary to help the solution of environmental problems through use of Information Technology.

In this panel, we will discuss about what "Ecological" means, how the Ecological Home Network works practically, and finally will discuss about the future of the Ecological home network there are several concepts quite similar to Ecological, i.e. Healthy, Safety or Secured. We will also discuss how IT supports such kind of concepts, and the Ecological Home Network may be the key component of the platform to realize the system with such important concepts in the future.

Nobuo Saito, Komazawa University

Norihiro Ishikawa, NTTDocomo
Hiroshi Mineno, Shizuoka University
Ken-ichi Kameyama, Toshiba
Takahiro Hasegawa, Shizuok University

Monday, January 11, 2010 • 17:00 – 18:30
Room:ف Laughlin

P2P for Networked Consumer Electronics

This panel brings together experts in P2P technology to discuss the status and prospects for P2P in networked consumer electronics.

Topics to be discussed include:
- Trends in P2P: existing and emerging applications; content distribution; VoIP; social networking;
فف onlineفgaming
- Current industry stateف
- Intersection with technology: broadband wireless; internet-enabled CE devices
- Business modelsف
- Potential impact of standardization

John Buford, Research Scientist, Avaya Labs Research

Henry Sinnreich, Adobe Systems
Jin Li, Principal Researcher, Microsoft Research
Eng Keong Lua, Carnegie Mellon University
Haiyong Xie, Huawei, USA